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Cape Cod Garage Additions

Cape Cod Garage additions are like an addition with benefits. Lots of them in fact!  People often think of a garage as a simple shell in which to park cars. That may have been true a few decades ago. But today’s garage is so much more. A modern home garage addition adds value and curb appeal to your home, giving you a nice return on your investment. That is a good start for sure, but the real payback is in all the other benefits.  Working with you Hopkins can develop custom Cape Cod garage plans for perfectly suited Cape Cod home addition.

Add a Garage – Save a Car.

When you protect your car by parking it in a garage, it helps your car run better, last longer, look better, and garaged cars cost less to maintain. When you are out and around, your car is subjected to the damaging effects of the sun on painted surfaces and fabrics. Over time the colors fade, paint can crack, and fabrics tear.

When parked outside cars are vulnerable to many dangers including; vandalism, high winds, driving rain, hail, bird droppings, dewfall and other pollutants like acid rain. When your car is in use, these threats are unavoidable. A home garage protects your car and keeps it newer longer. 

But the typical car is only in use only 5% of the time. It makes sense to put your car in a garage when parked at home. Your car will cost less to maintain, look better, run better and last longer. Garages protect your RV keeping it ready to go at all times. Garages are a win-win for cars and may even lower your insurance costs.

Garage apartments are great for visitors or rental.

Garage apartments are great for visitors or rental.

A well-designed custom garage plan is a win-win for the homeowner as well. Americans are using garages for a lot more than parking cars these days. They can be workshops, gyms, man caves, she sheds, guest rooms, mother in law apartments, Airbnb rentals, tool sheds, home offices, a hobby spot, band rehearsal space, or anything else you can possibly imagine.

For example; adding a few extra feet of depth to your garage will give you enough space in front of your car for a work bench. It can also include space for storing lawn mowers and other tools. If you add a floor drain and you can comfortably wash your car at home even in the winter.

Build a garage on Cape Cod or convert your current garage into a two-story building. The uses for the upstairs in a two-story garage are almost limitless. You can make your garage  a home office and escape the endless distractions and background noises of family living. A garage guest apartment or mother in law apartment would be nice and gives them more privacy. A couple of exercise machines makes it a home garage workout room complete with a shower especially if doubling as an apartment. You can make it an income producing space as a long term or Airbnb rental.

Once you have decided that adding a garage is right for you, do you want it to be attached or detached. Each type has its advantages. A detached garage adds flexibility. It doesn’t have to look anything like a garage, or even your house. It is all in the design. Putting the car doors on the side or in the back can hide its a garage. It can look like a second home, or a log cabin, farmhouse, or anything else you may want it to look like.

Garage can be a workshop tooAdd a few extra feet for a work bench.

If you want a Cape Cod garage with a workbench and power tools that make noise, a detached garage probably will keep the sound out of the house. If you use your detached garage with an  apartment it offers a degree of privacy for you and the tenant.

An attached garage has the benefit of costing less because one wall is already there. An attached garage is more convenient because you don’t have to go outside to get to it. If you make it a two-story garage and the second story is an apartment, workout room or home office, getting into it is as easy as walking through a door. Having it connected to the house makes heating it easier too.

Any of the above garage configurations offer additional storage space. If things are getting a little crowded in the house, move some of that stuff into your new garage. It is still accessible but no longer taking up your living space. Even a single level garage addition can include a storage bay for an RV or small yacht as well as places to store Jet-Skis, ATVs, life jackets, beach equipment and anything else taking up space in or around you home.

Today’s Garage Additions are Multi-Purpose. 

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    A workout room or gym is only one of many uses for a garage.

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    A garage can be a storage area.

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    Build things in your garage or use for all kinds of hobbies.


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