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Cape Cod Home Office Additions

The home Office has become a most popular addition to Cape Cod homes. The world is experiencing a cultural revolution and the days of the old normal are over. According to a survey by the highly respected consulting firm Deloitte, during the pandemic, seventy-five percent of the survey respondents reported they have been working from home. Sixty-nine percent of the companies who responded said their ability to supervise staff working remotely was good to excellent. Sixty-six percent of survey respondents said their companies will allow more flexibility when it comes to remote work after the pandemic ends.” Ninety five percent of Facebook employees are now working from home permanently.

Home Offices are the Now Normal

This and additional research tell us that working from home full or part time is here to stay and that is a good thing. The pandemic wasn’t fun, but it has taught us some new and better ways of doing things that will improve our lives.

One of the biggest changes is in the workplace. Workers and employers have learned from the experience and have a whole new way to thinking about remote working.

In the old normal, the average American would spend one to two hours getting up, dressing for work and commuting to the office. At the end of the workday they were spending another 30-60 minutes or more fighting drive time traffic while commuting home. That amounted to 2-3 hours a day of stressful unpaid time just to get to and from the office each day. On top of that there was the cost of fuel, tolls, and other expenses associated with adding miles to a car.

People working from home can be working a couple minutes after waking up. They can eat lunch at home saving money. When the day’s work is done, they are already home. People with a home office have a workspace designed to their liking, not a noisy, cramped, cubicle or some other place their employer assigned to them. People working from home for the first time during the pandemic found they like it. In another survey 73% of respondents said they prefer working from home, and 12% said they would definitely never go back.

Employers found that when staff works from home it saves them money, tons of it. Less onsite staff means less office space, less rent, less electricity, less maintenance, less heating costs, less insurance costs and less parking space needed. Their recruiting pool is no longer the immediate area it becomes the world since people can work from anywhere.

When the pandemic first hit people scrambled to work remotely. Most set up work spaces anywhere they could, kitchen tables, dining rooms, bedrooms, anywhere they could work. But working from home is the now normal, and if you are working from home in a makeshift workspace, it is time to upgrade to a real home office.

Home Office Workplace of your dreams

Hopkins home building experts can help you make your home office the workplace of your dreams that you want to spend your time in. We want it to make you feel good and be a place where you are totally comfortable. Choose your favorite colors for the walls and cabinets and decorate it with the things you love. Be sure to include pictures of family and friends. A well-placed window will give you a view of the world outside.

Your home office should have the comforts of home and functionality of an office including radiant heat and air conditioning. WiFi will allow to the freedom to move about and minimize the cable clutter. We can do this while making sure your new office meet the state and local building codes. We have the answers to all your questions about home offices. Call us today for a free no obligation consultation about adding or upgrading your Cape Cod home office.

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