Remodeled home with the second story dormer.

Cape Cod Dormers & Second Floor Additions

Dormers and Second floor additions are a great way to double your living space and stay home at the same time.

Hopkins Home Improvement specializes in remodeling existing Cape Cod homes. With the high cost of land on Cape Cod some of the most popular services we offer are adding dormers or full and partial second floor additions. Adding dormers on existing pitched roofs is a great way to increase living space.

It seems that the longer you live in a home the smaller it seems to get. Families have kids and then the kids get bigger and they all want more space. Also, with the pandemic people are doing more and more at home including working from home offices. With the high cost of land on Cape Cod house lots tend to be smaller and your house’s footprint may already be at or close to the maximum allowed limit and the cost of new buildable lots is skyrocketing. Adding a dormer or a second floor may be the perfect solution.

Because of this many homeowners are opting to adding a second floor to their current home. A full footprint second story effectively doubles your living space and going up is less expensive that building out or moving.

Well-designed two-story homes are more attractive and appealing than single story homes.

When adding a second floor and you move bedrooms to the new upstairs all kinds of possibilities open up for the downstairs. Now there is room for that larger more functional kitchen you always wished you had. You can make the family room bigger, add a Cape Cod den or home office addition.

People sometimes ask if it is better to remodel or build a new home. There are lots of reasons why remodeling is usually better. First it costs less to remodel than to start new construction. You already have a foundation and a first floor so you probably won’t need to do any foundation work, we can confirm that for you. A lot of your larger house is already done!

Second Floor Additions Save Money

Remodeling saves you time. A second story addition can be framed and weather tight in days not weeks and ready for use in weeks, not months. You have the option of doing the interior finish work all at once or over time if you wish. All in all, a second story addition costs about half of new ground level construction. When you build a brand-new house, you have the hassle of selling your current home and finding an affordable lot in a good neighborhood and probably have to pay broker fees as well.

Second Floor Additions Improve the View

When you add a second floor to your home and look out an upstairs window you get a whole new perspective of the neighborhood. You can see a lot more and a further. Since you have lived in your current home for some time you surely have an irreplaceable emotional connection to the neighborhood. You and your children have developed important friendships, perhaps even close ones with neighbors.

Dormers Add Natural Light

Cape Cod House with DormersIf you want to add some dormers, roofed structures containing a window that stick out of pitched roofs beyond the plane of the roof. Hopkins does those all the time. Dormers add usable space and provide a window that allows natural light inside.

Call Hopkins today and make an appointment for a no obligation consultation right now! We have the experience and information to need to help you decide the best solution for you and your family. Our free consolation won’t cost you a cent, but when it is done, we think that you will agree what you will learn about second story additions is priceless.

Home Remodeling Beats Moving

Everything is familiar. You know where your favorite stores and restaurants are, and they know your name. As a regular customer they may do little things extra for you that are appreciated. Your house is full of fond memories. Moving is stressful especially for kids who can be especially upset if moving means new schools and being separated from friends. Adding a second floor is like having a new home in a familiar place and for a lot less money. Best of all worlds.

When you start to think about needing more space in your home you want to be sure you ask the advice of a qualified home remodeler like Hopkins. Remodelers have special skills and training needed to deal with the critical tasks specific to remodeling that custom home builder do not. We have tons of experience removing structural walls and working with existing mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems safely. This is the kind work Hopkins crews do every day.

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