Three Seasons Sun Room
Get together in their 3 season room.

Three Seasons Rooms

Three Seasons Rooms and Sun Room Additions

Three seasons rooms, four seasons rooms and sun rooms are a fantastic way to enhance the enjoyment of living in your Cape Cod home. Once installed a sun room usually becomes the most popular home hangout for the entire family. And why wouldn’t it? You get the benefits of enjoying abundant natural light, increased living space, and a feeling like you are outdoors without worrying about insects or finicky weather. There is something mood changing about being in a sun room. They are relaxing, comfortable, and somehow, they just make you feel better.

The original idea behind a three seasons room was to extend the joyful time of summer into the spring and fall allowing people feel more like they are outdoors during the cooler months of the shoulder seasons. You may find that depending on the location of the 3 seasons room relative to its exposure to the sun, there may even be some days in the winter where the natural solar heating effects of sun in the middle of the day will make your sun room a comfortable place to be even with snow outside.

Four Seasons Rooms For Year Around Enjoyment

For more reliable winter use, consider having us build your three season room as a four-season room. With some slight modifications to the type of glass and other materials used, you can have a full-time sun room to enjoy year around heated by your existing heating system.

Hopkins’ highly trained and experienced craftsmen will work closely with you and take into consideration any ideas you have about the design and any features you may wish to have. Your three-seasons room, four seasons room, sun room or solarium addition is fully customizable, and we will maximize the use of your available space.

After you have enjoyed the many benefits of having a sun room addition there is one more benefit to consider. A sun room added to your home will increase the resale vale of your home if you decide to sell.

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